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Xcel Drylock 7mm Glove


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The XCEL INFINITY DRYLOCK Wetsuit Glove is the nicest high-end glove we have ever carried. The unique drylock seal virtually eliminates flushing at the cuff, and makes this an excellent winter glove. Features water-repellent superstretch neoprene for maximum flexibility, sealed and taped seams to keep cold water from trickling in, and a poly fleece lining to absorb moisture from your skin. The wrist is pre-bent for a better fit, and the palm is textured for extra grip.
Go green and go warm! All XCEL Infiniti Drylock products feature a unique bamboo-infused lining, a neoprene engineered from recycled yarns with the goal of reducing the amount of materials that ultimately end up in landfills. This green approach to wetsuit development complements Xcel's longstanding initiative of using limestone-based neoprene and glue, which eliminates oil-consuming processes, using hydro-electric power and waste energy instead. 1 year warranty on wetsuits. 3 month warranty on lycra, boots, gloves, and hoods.