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Florence Marine Men's 1.5mm Wetsuit Jacket-Burnt Olive


  • One of John John's essentials at home on the North Shore. 
  • Yamamoto foam rubber is ultra-stretchy, durable and premium. 
  • Performance patterning delivers a better, more secure fit. 
  • Lower collared design is more comfortable and doesn't flush. 
  • Boardshort tie locks down the jacket in heavy water. 
  • Burgee heat transfer on left arm. 
  • Flatlock stitching sits flush with the skin to prevent chafing during long sessions.


  • 100% Yamamoto foam rubber

The 1.5MM Flatlock Wetsuit Jacket is an elevated take on the everyday wetsuit jacket. Made with premium Yamamoto foam rubber, this jacket is ultra-stretchy & durable. A flatlock stitch design sits flush against your skin to ward off chafing during long days in tropical water.