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Adventure Paddleboard Allrounder MX


NOTE: Rider weight is based on board volume and intermediate rider skill level

9'8'' 31'' 4 1/2'' 154 ltr 10" Single (supplied) / Performer PC Quad Rears (recommended) 187lbs / 85kg or less
10'6'' 32'' 4 3/4'' 182 ltr 10" Single (supplied) / Performer PC Quad Rears 198lbs / 90kg
11'6'' 33'' 5'' 220 ltr 10" Single (supplied) / Performer PC Quad Rears All Weights
Construction Molded Epoxy - PU

Molded Epoxy (MX) construction delivers structural integrity through the high pressure molding of multiple components. The components being; a medium density EPS core, 5 layers of Fiberglass (3 x deck, 2 x bottom) and a special epoxy resin that’s mixed with carbon strands. Encapsulating the whole board, and forming an outer skin that bonds through to the core, this combination of materials is fused together for over 4 hours under constant heat and pressure. The result is a very durable, well weighted board, and the high pressure molding process ensures that each board is identical to our specifications.
You can find out more about GSI’s SUP construction on our SUP construction page.

Board Contours Belly Flat Double
Rail Full Rail
Surfer Skill Level Beginner -Intermediate
Wave Height 0-4ft