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Solite 5:3 Split-Mitt Gloves

Game-Changing Gloves!

Recommended Water Temp: 45F/7C+

Sizing Guide:

Glove fit is a little tight, so if you are between sizes, size up.

The Solite 3:2 Gauntlet glove is the culmination of nearly 10 years of R&D, taking warmth, grip, durability, and performance to the next level. Just like our boots, every detail has been painstakingly tested, refined, retested, and tweaked to make the glove disappear for bare-handed performance and feel.

The 3:2 Gauntlet Features:

Tuff-Skin Palm Panel with Dura-Grip Coating

 coating. The resulting combination is an unmatched level of secure grip, abrasion resistance, warmth, and durability. With 100% waterproof coating, the palm absorbs no water to remain lightweight, warmer (no evaporative cooling), and grippy for your entire session.

Thermal-Rebound Lining

The 3:2 Gauntlet features a unique Thermal-Rebound plush, quick-dry interior lining material. Thermal-Reboundmaterial features a thin, flexible metallic grid-layer between the neoprene and the outer lining, reflecting body heat back to the skin for enhanced warmth. Lab tests on the Thermal Rebound laminate show an increase in insulation exceeding 10%, which extends your sessions and increases your odds of getting the wave of the day.

Hex-Shield Back Panel

 offers the best of both worlds: a durable, nylon-lined exterior with a full-panel lamination of water-proof ink. The hex-pattern print insures max flexibility while still absorbing sunlight and repelling water. All this is done in a single panel, minimizing seams for enhanced comfort, flexibility, and durability.

Overkill Seams and EZ-O Cuff

 start with a glued/blindstitched seam, with the seam on the outside for maximum comfort. The external stitching is then coated with a liquid seam seal, sealing the stitch holes and providing a durable, flexible barrier against water entry. Inside the gloves, all of the stress areas (between each finger and where the wrist joins the palm panel) feature internal taping for an even greater level of protection.

 is also double laminated (inside and out) for max durability, whereas most other O-Ring cuffs feature a weaker non-lined interior.