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Surf & Adventure Co. since 1974!

Surf & Adventure Co. is the culmination of decades of passion for the outdoors. We want our customers to enjoy Sandbridge as much as we do. Whether in surfing the waves of the Atlantic, paddling the quiet waters of Back Bay, or rambling through the trails of Virginia Beach, we strive to share positive outdoor experiences with our customer while raising the next generation of youth within our community. Our story permeates through the knowledge of our guides, the innovation in our customer designed surfboards and the genuine kindness in our community. Simply out, we want our customers to fall in love with everything Sandbridge has to offer just like we did. Welcome to our playground!

Look to get your adrenaline pumping: surf, paddle, bike, explore.

Sandbridge is five miles long and less than half a mile wide. This small strip of land separates the Atlantic from Back Bay and connects you to an array of extraordinary adventures. Surf & Adventure Co. provides expert instruction and fire-hand knowledge of local waters and terrain in this unique maritime environment.

Paddling the waterways of Back Bay delivers an unforgettable experience of exploration and discovery. The area is home to a wife variety of vegetation and wildlife including bald eagles, kingfisher, ospreys, amphibians, reptiles, and aquatic life. Nature is also ready to put on a show in the Atlantic Ocean where you’re likely to come across a pod of dolphins riding the waves, a flock pf pelicans skimming the ocean surfaces, or a loggerhead sea turtle popping up to say hi.

We offer a variety of kayak tours that launch directly into Back Bay from our private dock. Surf & Adventure Co. also has standup paddleboard (SUPs) lessons and tours, surf camps and lessons, ocean kayaking experiences, and bike excursions. If you prefer to explore on your own, we have a large selection of kayaks, canoes, SUPs, surfboards, bodyboards, and bikes available to rent.

Surf & Adventure Co. is a diverse company that takes great pride in its employees and has a lot of fun doing it! Interested in joining our crew? Fill out an application and we will be in touch! 

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